We Are General Contractors in Walnut Creek

As a homeowner, if you are contemplating a large renovation or home improvement project, it is probably best to hire a General Contractor in Walnut Creek (GC). While this person and his company will generally not do any of the actual construction work, they will coordinate the activities of all the subcontractors – plumbers, carpenters, electricians and the like – involved in the project. Here is a quick rundown on what to expect from your general contractor:

Project oversight – As the name implies, the general contractor is the person responsible for managing and overseeing the entire project. His other duties include interacting with the homeowner and communicating their wants to the subcontractors. Any issues or change orders with the work also flow through him. Lastly, he is tasked with collecting payment from the homeowner and distributing the funds to the subcontractors.

Materials purchased – While the homeowner will want to make any aesthetic choices, the general contractor is responsible for ordering the correct building materials, making sure that they are delivered on time and in good order, as well as dealing with consolidating, checking and delivering a recap of the final bill to the homeowner. In most cases, the homeowner will provide the funds ahead of time for the GC to accomplish these tasks.

Permitting and compliance – To the inexperienced person, the acquisition of local permits and the succeeding compliance to local building codes can appear to be a maze of rules and regulations. As a general contractor, we are intimately familiar with these rules and laws and are adept at facilitating both the permitting and code compliance processes.

If you’re looking for a general contractor in Walnut Creek, look no further than K2GC. For more detailed information on what to expect when you hire us as a general contractor or for any of our other home renovation services, please contact us at K2GC. We can be found online at K2GCInc.com or reached directly at 925.754.5232.