Questions to Answers You Need to Know Before a Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel requires a considerable amount of work. A completed bathroom will not only revitalize your home, but add value to the property, and you need to make sure you are hiring the right bathroom contractors in Concord. At K2GC, that is exactly what you’ll receive. However, before you even pick up your phone and call, here are a few answers to the most important questions you’ll have. 

How Do You Start the Remodel?

Any bathroom remodeling begins with an in-home inspection in order to understand the overall style of your home. It also includes the design where the final look of your bathroom is mapped out.  Locating necessary plumbing and lighting utilities goes into this part of the process as well. 

How Long Does a Bathroom Remodel Take?

The overall length of your remodel will vary based on the details of the construction, the kind of fixtures you’re interested in, and the availability of the materials your bathroom needs. Some bathroom remodels also require cutting into walls, cement and other areas of the current construction, which increases the time. Due to this, you’ll receive a more specific estimate following the planning and design phase. 

Is it Difficult to Rearrange a Bathroom Floor Plan?

Is a bathroom exhaust fan necessary? It depends. If your bathroom has a window, it doesn’t require one based on the building code, however, it is always recommended to have a bathroom exhaust fan properly installed.

In general, your bathroom is set up in a very specific way. Based on where utilities line up and the configuration of nearby rooms, much of this goes into the original design of a bathroom. Each bathroom is a bit different, and while it is not impossible to do this, it may require moving plumbing and rearranging other utility connections, which will extend the time it takes to complete your remodel. 

A bathroom remodel is an excellent way to invest back in your home. With so many bathroom contractors in Concord, you need to know you have the best and brightest on your side.

Trust our K2GC Team

At K2GC, that is what you can expect. So, if you’re ready to schedule an in-home consultation, are curious about what goes into a bathroom remodel, or have questions about other services offered by K2GC, feel free to give our professionals a call at your earliest convenience.