What You Need to Ask Yourself before Hiring a General Contractor in Walnut Creek

Before you decide to hire a general contractor in Walnut Creek, you need to make sure you’ve answered a handful of questions ahead of time. So whether you decide to go with the pros at K2GC or you end up looking at a different service provider, you’ll have all the essential questions answered well before agreeing to work with a contractor. 

  • Always Check the Credentials

Probably the most important question you can ask yourself is whether the potential contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured. Don’t just stop at looking at the company’s website. Anyone can say they are licensed, bonded, and insured, yet it doesn’t mean they are. Check the state’s website and enter in their contractor license number. This number should be prominently displayed. If it isn’t, and if they don’t give it to you, it’s already a dead giveaway they are not licensed with the state. 

  • Who is Carrying out the Work?

A contractor often brings in outside help, especially for larger jobs. You need to know not only who they are, but if the workers are full-time professionals, or do they just do this as a side job for extra money. Working on your home’s utilities or installing fixtures requires experience and often a license. You need to know everyone coming into your house works this as a profession, and not a side gig. 

  • Where are the Parts Coming From?

Ideally, the contractor will use brand new parts for your home. However, there are times a contractor may take advantage of the unused material. In some cases, such as stone, this can save money without reducing the quality of the finished product. Make sure to ask where the parts are coming from and, if the material is not brand new for your home, you need to receive a discounted price on your bill.

By answering these different questions, you’ll ensure you are ready to move forward and hiring a general contractor in Walnut Creek. You’ll also find K2GC is able to work directly with you in producing the very best home remodel and construction.

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