Kitchen Remodeling Company Concord

Are you in need of a kitchen remodeling company in Concord? A kitchen is more than gorgeous cabinets and a striking backsplash. When remodeling your kitchen, you should incorporate the following tips for a more functional and livable space:

Design Wide Walkways

Spacious walkways are ideal when moving around and cooking as they avoid confusion. All the paths in your kitchen should be at least 36 inches wide. For a one-cook kitchen, make sure that the paths in the cooking zone are 42 inches wide and 46 inches wide in two-cook spaces. As you plan your remodel, adjust the kitchen peninsulas and islands to be wide enough.

Direct Traffic

Do you want a child-friendly kitchen? Make sure that the countertop is away from the traffic areas to avoid accidental spills and burns when kids are running through. The fridge should be accessible to persons working in the cleanup and cooking areas as well as passersby.

Avoid Corners

To make sure that appliance and cabinet doors are completely functional, make sure that you plan for the door’s swing space and clearance when coming up with a design. Your appliances need to be off the corners, and you should ensure that doors do not bang into each other when opened simultaneously.

Determine the Function of Your Island

When creating a kitchen design, decide what purpose you want your kitchen island to serve. Is it strictly for food preparation and cooking? If you want to eat on the island, make sure that there is plenty of space between the cook top and the dining area.

Consider Countertops

Do you cook a lot? If you do, your countertop needs to be bigger than countertops for people who cook simple meals. You should consider incorporating two countertop heights to make room for baking and make it easier for your kids to help in meal preparation.

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