Five Tips to Find the Right Remodeling Contractors in Concord

When reviewing remodeling contractors in Concord there is no shortage of available contractors interested in working on your project. However, not all remodeling contractors in Concord are the same.

Finding the right contractor is a combination of several factors such as price, a shared vision, communication, and a level of quality you can both agree on. Here are five tips from our K2GC team to help you.  

Five Tips to Find the Right Contractor

  1. Price and Quality: it’s an old cliché but in the case of home remodeling price can reflect quality. A contractor who quotes you a price that is far cheaper than their competitors may be a sign of cheap materials, shortcuts, or shoddy work. Ask any contractor you’re considering for a materials list. A good price will not be too good to be true but should be in the middle of possible price outcomes for your project.
  2. Credentials: a good contractor will have credentials from accreditation organizations with standards of ethics, skills, and work quality. Two such examples are the Building Industry Association (BIA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Your contractor should also carry insurance (workers compensation, liability, and so on) and be properly licensed by the state you live in. Be sure to ask for proof of licensing, insurance, and any claimed certification. 
  3. Get It in Writing: a well-written work agreement will include price, accepted payment sources, materials used, the time frame for the project, the contractor’s licensing number, names of employees performing the work, any warranties, and agreements concerning additional costs or job changes.
  4. Make Sure Your Goals Are Understood: a good contractor will be one you can communicate with. They should understand your goals and keep you updated with the overall process and where the project is at in terms of completion. Weekly updates and regular communication (phone calls, email, or texting) should be a part of the work agreement so you can stay aware of the progress of your remodel.
  5. Do A Final Walk Through: once work has been completed insist on a walkthrough before agreeing to pay. Make sure work has been completed to your satisfaction, note any changes that may have been made during the remodeling process, and ask for a copy of the affidavit of final release and associated paperwork.   

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