Finding Expert Bathroom Contractors in Walnut Creek

Finding the best contractor to complete your bathroom remodeling project is not as daunting a task as the average homeowner might imagine. In fact, the process can be made relatively easy – and rewarding too! – if you follow some simple pieces of advice.

Check Their Qualifications

Reputable bathroom contractors in Walnut Creek can easily provide a host of paperwork to prove their qualifications. From proof of insurance through state certification licenses to local references, all available documents should be checked by the homeowner before entering into any agreement. This fact checking is the first step in obtaining a quality remodeling job.

Get a Written Estimate and Timeline

No matter where you find your bathroom contractor – the Internet, the BBB or through friends and neighbors – it is essential to establish the cost, scope and timeline of the work. Simply put, this means a written contract. It is just a way to avoid complications that might arise from misunderstandings once the project starts.

Check the Quality of the Materials

Ensure that the materials specified in the contract are the ones actually used. The best contractors will show the homeowner what is being installed before any work is done.

Have a Single Point of Contact

It does not matter how the disagreement starts – on the job site or about the contract – it pays to have one person to talk to every time there is an issue. In that way, the homeowner will not have to give a detailed history of the project every time they call in, and a relationship based on trust can be developed. It saves time and money for everyone involved.

As you can see, it is not that difficult to ensure a quality job but when it comes to hiring the best bathroom contractors in Walnut Creek, look no further than K2GC, Inc., home improvement and restoration specialists. You can check them out online at or reach them directly at 925-754-5232.