Which is Best: A Custom Home Builder or a General Contractor in Concord?

Here at K2GC, we are often asked what the difference is between a custom home builder vs. a general contractor in Concord and which is best. While we might be a tad biased, the answer is not as simple as one or the other, it really depends on your project.

The main differences between the two are the source of labor and scope of expertise. A custom builder, for example, generally maintains a larger crew with varied experience in nearly all aspects of home building, including the design stage. A contractor, on the other hand, hires sub-contractors to complete specific jobs quickly.

A Note on Sub-Contractors

Many homeowners shy away from the term sub-contractors, fearing higher fees and unprofessional workmanship. However, a reputable general contractor carefully screens every sub-contractor to ensure professional, high quality results that remain within your budget.

Building from the Ground Up

If you want to build a new home from the ground up, including designing it to suit your needs, a custom home builder may be your best option. They often employ an architect to help with the design and blueprinting. However, a general contractor may have great connections with more than one designer, giving you greater options to pick from. 

Home Additions

Both a general contractor in Concord and a custom home builder are great choices for adding a room onto your home. They both have the experience and network to complete this type of project. 

Renovation Projects

Renovations on the other hand, such as converting the space to an open floor plan or updating that retro kitchen for more modern technologies, are best handled by a general contractor. They specialize in working with existing structures, whereas a home builder works mainly in new construction.

Major Projects

Gutting a building for a complete overhaul is a major undertaking that can get discombobulating quickly with multiple sub-contractors on site. An experienced general contractor, such as at K2GC, can ensure the smoothest job completion with expert coordination skills. However, a home builder may not have the manpower to complete these types of projects in a timely budget friendly manor. 

For more information about using a general contractor in Concord or the surrounding areas for your next renovation or remolding project, please contact the team at K2GC today.