5 Tips on How to Find the Best Water Damage Restoration Services in Walnut Creek

Our K2GC team is well known for our water damage restoration in Walnut. If your home has received water damage from a fire, flood, or a major leak, you need a company who has a reputation for being fast, efficient, and professional. We’ve prepared five tips that will help you find the right restoration company for your needs.

Ask for Referrals

Ask your friends and family for a referral. It’s a good possibility they will have used a water damage restoration company or knows someone who did. You can also ask the company to provide you with client testimonials regarding previous work they have done.

Licensed and Insured

Look for a company that is both licensed and insured. Proper state licensing is the first indicator that the company is credible, and their technicians have the knowledge and experience needed to do the work. Ask to see their insurance certificate if you have any questions. 

Quick Response Time

When your home experiences water damage, time is of the essence. When you need water damage restoration in Walnut, you want the work to be completed immediately, not several weeks down the road. The faster the work is completed, the less likely it will be that mold or mildew can start to grow.

Insurance Friendly

Make sure the company you hire is insurance friendly. Insurance companies can be a bear to work with. The paperwork can often be extremely confusing, leaving you frustrated and at a loss. The company you hire should have someone in their office that will help you fill out the insurance paperwork properly. This ensures there will be no delays in payment and you won’t have to wait for the work to be finished.

Detailed Contract with a Specific Deadline for Completion

Ask for a detailed contract that has a specific deadline for completion. The contract should include the work to be done, a list of materials, and the final cost of the repairs and labor. It should be written in terms you can easily understand, and the deadline and total cost highlighted so that it is easily visible.

Contact Our Team to Start Today

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